What is Country Two Step

What is country two step? Country two step is a partner dance with a leader and a follower involving walks and spins to the timing of quick, quick, slow, slow, typically danced to fast country western music. This dance follows the line of dance, which travels in a counter clockwise circle around the room.

What other names is country two step know by?

Country two step is sometimes referred to as progressive two step, country-western two step, Texas two step, which are all the same dance. There are different stylings for the dance depending upon whether is it performed in a competition or danced socially in a bar or local dance studio.

What does competitive two step look like?

Competition two step dancing is stylized with arm styling, “picture lines” or poses, and emphasizes a slight hold on the second slow beat. Check out this youtube video for a great example of country two step danced at the UCWDC Worlds competition. Notice the costuming with rhinestones, and boots and hat, which are mandatory for competitors. The video below will show you some competitive 2-step. If you want to learn more about it’s history… we love this video – basic two step history.

Social dancing is much more relaxed. Great attention needs to be given to floor crafting when dancing two step in a crowded country bar with people who have been drinking alcohol. Turns and spins can be tricky in a country western bar with lots of dark lighting and flashing lights. For helps with turns and spotting, check out our page on spins and turns for country two step.

Learn the basics of country two step

Basics can be learned online or in group classes or private lessons. Some of the basic patterns for two step include: The Basic, Couples half turn, the Couples full turn, Outside turn to shadow and back to closed, Inside turn to cuddle and back to closed, Outside turn to shadow to cuddle and back to closed, and Magic hands (outside turn to shadow to cuddle to skater and back to closed. Two Step even has a whip like west coast swing.

For a list of music that fits the timing of two step check out our Ultimate Guide to Two Step Music

Some of other types of country two step including nightclub two step, triple two step, and rhythm two step. Nightclub two step is a slow, stationary dance done to slow country western music. Triple two step is a slower, smooth dance that travels around the line of dance. Rhythm two step, also known as Arizona two step, is a stationary dance that is mostly regional to the area of Arizona.

what is country two step

Country two step is often confused with country swing. The two are quite different. Country swing could be referring to the bar dance of country swing which is stationary and involves fast spins, dips, and even lifts. Country swing can also mean east coast swing or west coast swing danced to country music. To learn west coast swing and country western west coast swing check out this amazing online resource:

What is the history of country two step?

This is a fun video I did with dance historian Forrest Outman. We walk through the influence of Hustle, Foxtrot and John Travolta on the increase of popularity ot country two step. It’s a fun entertaining video with some video footage of 2 step through the years. It even includes some footage of Megan and I dancing.

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