Nightclub Two Step

Nightclub Two Step is a social dance created in the mid 1960’s as a way for people to dance to ballad style songs. In the late 1990’s the country western dancers started adopting it as a core social and competitive dance as a new wave of slow music became popular. It’s the perfect slow dance for social dance situations.

Nightclub Two Step Basic Steps

There are a couple core basics you’ll need to learn NC2. You’ll need to know the basic footwork for the leader and follower. It will be important to know the right turning basic, left turning basic to. Finally you’ll need to know how to do an outside turn and an inside turn.

Watch the video below to learn these basic moves:

  • Basic
  • Right Turning Basic
  • Left Turning Basic
  • Left Turning Basic with Inside Turn
  • Right Turning Basic with an Outside Turn

If you want to learn more

Nightclub Two Step Dance Steps

After learning the basics you might want to know which dance dance steps to learn next.We’ve compiled a few different steps for you to learn while you’re reading this blog post. Nightclub is super easy to learn and you’re gonna love some of these moves!

In our social dance video vault we’re separated all of the patterns out into 5 levels so as you improve you’ll have plenty of nightclub two step dance steps to learn.  Check it out, we call it Netflix for Dancers!

Nightclub Two Step Songs

If you’re gonna dance, you need good music! Don’t worry we’ve done all of the hard work for you and created a list of the best Nightclub Two Step Dance music we could find. We’ve compiled a list of the best country and non country tunes for you to enjoy dancing to. Take a look at our nightclub 2 music list or the rest of our country dance music selections.

Country Slow Dancing

If you want to avoid the “clutch and sway” that you did in high school then learning Nightclub is a good call. If you’re dancing in a country bar you might hear this dance called country slow dancing. That’s exactly what nightclub two step is! it’s the perfect dance to do with the right partner as the music slows down!

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