7 Tips to master your Spins & Turns for Country Two Step

Spins and Turns in Country Two Step can be very challenging. In this article we will take you through 7 different things you can do to improve your spins today! If you don’t know your basic two step patterns, you’ll want to learn them first!

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7 Tips to Master your Spins & Turns for Country Two Step

1. Spotting your spins

Spotting is the technique of snapping your eyes and neck on a focal point while you are turning to help with dizziness, focus, and speed. It is best to spot or focus on a point in space or a point on a wall, rather than a person or moving object. Spotting will always make your turns look sharp and focused. For ladies, it is helpful to have you hair pulled out of your face when practicing spotting. A loose ponytail makes turns feel sloppy. Read more about spotting here.

2. Drills for turns

Drills for turns are an excellent way to perfect your spins. We have many great resources to help you. Check out our #1 drill to improve your spins


Repetition of drills is the key. One of my favorite ways to drill spins is to practice chaines spins in a straight line across the floor using different arm positions.

Another good tool is to use something called a spin board. It is a little tool that looks a mini skateboard for one foot. You stand on it, and can drill pirouettes.

3. Balance in your turns

The ability to balance in “releve” position, (the ballet term, meaning: on your toes) is a very important skill for turns in country two step. This requires strong calf muscles and legs.

Core strength and stability will help with balance during spins. It is important to do core exercises outside of your dance practice, like planks, side planks, and back extensions.

Good posture is also very important for spin technique. Check out our tutorial on dance posture. Or learn more about improving your balance. 

4. Learn the difference between different types of spins & turns for 2-Step

Pivots, chaines, spirals, forward walk turns, and hip twists are the different types of turns that you want to understand and execute.

Pivots are a step with a half rotation on each foot. Pivots can be danced solo or with a partner. Usually they involve a heal lead.

Chaines turns are half turns done on the toes. Chaine means chain in French. Check out this video explaining chaines turns.

Spirals and forward walk turns involve turning in the opposite direction of the standing leg, while hip twists turn in the same direction as the standing leg.

5. Take private lessons

Find a coach that can give you personalized advice about how to improve your spins. Private lessons may be costly, but they are definitely worth the money. It is an investment in yourself.

6. Enroll in our Spins and Turns Course

We have many online resources for country dancers, including blogs, videos, and online courses. Click here to register for our spins and turns course.

7. Practice

You can only spin so many times in one day. So try to practice a little bit everyday. Don’t push it past the point of dizziness because then you will start to feel you are going down hill. Keep up your practice on a consistent basis and you will feel confident about your spins in no time! Read more about practicing alone

spins and turns for country two step

What are your favorite tips for perfecting turns for country two step? Let us know in the comments below.

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