5Tips to Remember Your Two Step Patterns

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1. Video

Taking a video is a super easy, fast way to keep your dance moves recorded. Visual learners will benefit greatly by reviewing videos of their dance patterns right before a lesson or going out social dancing. The most simple thing is to record your dance videos on your cell phone, since you always have that with you and it keeps a chronologic order for quick retrieval. You can make your recording with counts and styling as well.

2. Take Notes

Writing down your moves helps cement them in your brain, as well as gives you a quick visual to look at when you need a reminder of your moves. A dedicated binder or notebook specifically for your dance steps is a nice way to stay organized. Take notes, not just about the order of your choreography, but of the timing and technique tips as well.

You can of course, write your moves down on paper or as an electronic note in your phone. You can also take a picture of the piece of paper so that you have the photo in your phone. This makes it inconspicuous for you to look at your phone in between social dances to review your steps.

3. Visualization

This is a very powerful tool used by professional athletes of every sport, as well as olympians, and of course, dancers! Start by visualizing you and your partner dancing through all your steps in a particular order. Next, play music and visualize the sequence to speed. This mental preparation will really pay off when it is time to physically dance the steps. I like to visualize not just the steps but also the room I will be dancing in, as well as what I will be wearing, how the room will smell, and what distractions there may be. This will really help the brain and the nervous system be calmer when you dance, because you have already rehearsed all aspects of the scenario in your mind many times. Be careful and use caution if you choose to visualize while driving!

4. Review your new dance steps immediately and often!

There is a good chance that if you let too much time pass after learning a new dance move, that you will forget it. It is best to review your patterns right after class and again several times the next day. Then continue to dance through your steps at least once a week. If you do not have a partner available, practice by yourself.

5. Identify the basic root pattern

Every intermediate move is based on a basic move. Identifying the base or root pattern helps simplify the moves in your mind. Figure out the difference between the root pattern and the more advanced pattern and that will help you remember the moves.

BONUS:  Teach someone else

Being able to teach someone else is how you know you really have the information mastered. The act of teaching itself, helps solidify your moves down in your muscle memory.

What are your favorite tips for remembering your dance steps? Tell us in the comments below.

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