5 drills to improve your two step in 30 seconds

Life can get crazy and it can be hard to find time to practice your two step. But that is only if you think you need to carve out hours a day to improve your dancing. Yes, that would be a great way to improve, but you can makes good strides with just a few minutes a day, or as little as 30 second mini practice sessions. The best part about this list is that you do not need a dedicated space and time to practice. Now you can practice your two step with no excuses!

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1. Posture

Good posture in country dancing is the key to balance, connection, and confidence. Check your posture throughout the day while both sitting and standing. Roll your shoulders back and down, away from your ears. Pull your belly button to the back of the spine to engage your transverse abdominal muscles. Stretch your neck and head up towards the sky from the back of the neck instead of from the throat.

Check out this article for more detail on dance posture:

2. Balance on one leg

You can practice balancing on one leg anywhere and anytime!
This is a simple, yet great stability drill. Practice standing on one leg, while the other leg can be in a figure four or practicing swinging or kicking. Or you can just lift the other leg an inch off the floor so you can do this inconspicuously in the grocery store, elevator, or standing in line.

Improve your balance with this great video

3. Practice counting music

Listen to two step music while you work out, drive, and get ready in the morning. Practice counting out the two step tempo: quick, quick, slow, slow, either out loud or in your head. This will help your musicality and timing when it is time to go out dancing.

4. Planks

Improve your core strength and physical fitness by doing thirty second planks throughout the day. You can do traditional planks, side planks, and forearm planks.
The increased muscle tone will really pay off on the dance floor.

Check out this link to learn proper technique for beginner planks:

5. Dance with the wall

…. or my favorite, the grocery cart. The goal here is to practice your part without compromising your connection with your partner. So dance with the wall and practice leaving your hands stationary against it, which will represent the center point between you and your dance partner.

Dancing with a pole is also a great drill because you can practice pulling on the pole to create a pull leverage connection.

What are your favorite quick and easy drills that help you progress with your two step? Leave us a comment below.

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